Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jane's Ice Cream and Eatery

     Tonight we recieved a phone call and invite to Jane's Ice Cream and Eatery in Snydersville.  Since nothing was started in the kitchen we accepted the invite.  We've been there for ice cream, but never a meal.  A nice evening for a meal on the deck at Janes.
     I ordered a pizza cheese steak, fries and a Pepsi and Bev ordered a cheeseburger basket.  Our friends had a cheesesteak and spicey chicken sandwich.  It all came out quickly.  The cheesesteaks were really good.  About 8" and loaded.  The fries hit the spot.  Bev's burger was tasty and the spicey chicken sandwich was hot.  Ended the meal with CMP'S and Bev had a soft cappaccino ice cream.  In case you don't know what a CMP is (and alot of people don't)  It is a sundae with marshmallow, chocolate syrup and crushed peanuts.  I remember getting them at the Sweet Shop on Crystal St. for 25 cents. Long, long gone!
     Saw some people we know there and visited with them.  Had a nice dinner, outside with great company!
     Jane's Ice Cream and Eatery is located on Bus. 209 and Neyhart Rd. in Snydersville, Pa. (just pass the Stone Bar).  Stop by for a nice lunch or light dinner fare.

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