Monday, July 23, 2012

"Fried Farts and Garlic"

    When I was a kid my Mom would be preparing dinner and I would ask "Whats for dinner Mom"?  I would get the answer from her "fried farts and garlic"!  We would all chuckle and patiently wait for her to serve us dinner.  It was never the meal she told us she was cooking.
    Years later I would take my 3 kids to the babysitter.  She was a older lady and was always cooking something at her kitchen stove.  I said to her "Nanny what are you cooking"?  Her answer was always "fried farts and garlic".  We would all chuckle and I would head to work. 
    The question I present is... Is this a localism or do they say this in other parts of the country?  I think it could be like our local term "cunnerman".  Only the locals know that one!  It could be one of those long ago sayings like "Adam and Eve on a Raft" or the famous military meal "Shit on the Shingle". 
     I can safely say that I never saw it on a menu and I've never had it served to me.  I'm almost sure I never ate it!  Please help me out on this one. 
     In the mean time I'm going fishing in the Brodhead Crick!

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  1. My mom & grandma used to say that to us too all the tiime when we asked what was for dinner,so needless to say,your not alone!LOL!Chris Higinbotham , Slidell Louisianna